Monday, July 26, 2021

LyricFind launches video-creation tool for lyrics

​By Emmanuel Legrand  

Toronto-based lyrics licensing platform LyricFind has launched a new service that allows labels and rights holders to quickly and easily turn their tracks into dynamic and engaging lyric videos.​ 

  Using proprietary technology, LyricFind’s new tool can automatically generate a high quality branded video in seconds. The tool provides custom backgrounds, fonts, and visualizers to animate a song’s lyrics. 

  LyyricFind said the tool is ideal for catalogues and other large collections of recordings. The video creation tool also includes vetted translations in seven languages, as well as other high-quality features. 

A revenue-sharing model

  LyricFind does not charge for access the tool. Instead it takes a share in the revenue generated from video views. 

  “This new lyric video service is part of our mission to create innovative ways for labels and rightsholders to use lyrics to benefit their business and for artists to raise their profile and connect with fans – and generate revenue," said Darryl Ballantyne (pictured, below), co-founder and CEO of LyricFind. 

  LyricFind said the project was initially born from the vision of Bill Wilson, SVP Operations & Innovation at eOne Music, and naturally, the music company has joined in as a launch partner, bringing in repertoire from labels such as Death Row Records (The Game, Snoop Dogg, Pop Evil, Dr. Dre, and Bryant Myers). 

  “We have an extensive catalogue of amazing recordings, and this tool has allowed us to unlock the revenue potential of these tracks, which would have been extremely costly and time consuming without LyricFind’s system,” said Wilson. “Already the results have blown away our expectations.” 

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