Saturday, September 4, 2021

A new start

To readers:

It's been a busy summer. 

I have been working on the redesigned version of the Creative Industries Newsletter, which is now part of a wider platform that includes a news site (, and a Twitter feed (@LegrandNetwork). 

The site's content includes at this stage some 1,000 articles that have been transferred from this blog (yes, over the years, that's how many stories I have written). 

The new site will be available for free for the next two weeks (until Monday September 13), after which only subscribers will be able to access it, alongside with the weekly newsletter.  

After writing about the creative industries' sector for over 8 years I decided that time had come to move to a "business" proposal. 

So the content of this blog, which had hosted these stories over the years, has now shifted to the Creative Industries News platform

I will now go back to the initial purpose of this blog, which was to write whatever I felt like about anything, but was never really fulfilled since it became a vehicle for news stories.

I appreciate and I am thankful for the interest you had in my writing and following me over the years.

I hope you will continue to follow me, either at the new "home" or here, which will be a place where more personal views will be expressed about music, food, travel, etc.

Thanks your support over the years.

— Emmanuel Legrand

[I am not kidding you – as I was writing these final words, my iTunes shuffle started playing 'Keep Loving Me' by The Draytones. You don't need to!]