Thursday, July 8, 2021

Brazil's ABRAMUS signs licensing deal with LyricFind to expand access to Brazilian lyrics

By Emmanuel Legrand

Lyric licensing platform LyricFind has signed a licensing deal with ABRAMUS Digital, a subsidiary of the Brazilian rights organisation ABRAMUS, allowing publishers and songwriters in Brazil to display and monetise their lyrics on music services and websites across the country. 

  “The goal is to help publishers of all sizes, knowing that their writers will receive their fair share from the exploitation of their rights in the digital market. LyricFind plays a very important role and we are very excited about this partnership,” says Gustavo Gonzalez, Director of Business Affairs of ABRAMUS Digital. 

  ABRAMUS Digital was set up bu ABRAMUS to help publishers receive income from licensed digital mechanicals and online rights from DSP's in Brazil. The company represents more than 6 million works in Brazil from more than 200 international and domestic publishers. In 2019-2020, it has distributed approximately 65 million Brazilian reals (€10.43m). 

Adding a huge lyric repertoire

  “We’ve been working in Brazil, now our fifth biggest market, for years, but this agreement with ABRAMUS Digital adds a huge lyric repertoire to our service,” said Robert Singerman, SVP of International Publishing for LyricFind. “We’re expanding access to Brazilian lyrics, going way beyond the hits into amazing lyrics from writers and artists of all styles and at all stages of their careers.” 

  ABRAMUS represents more than 80,000 members in Brazil and internationally. It is a founding member of umbrella organisation ECAD and member of the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC), and SCAPR, the organisation represneting neighbouring rights for performers.

  LyricFind said that by unlocking new opportunities and revenue streams for lyrics, ABRAMUS publishers and songwriters members will be able "to amplify the impact of their work on the local and global market." 

Better engage with fans

  ”Every single income stream increases when people know the lyrics to a song,” Singerman said. “Syncs, karaoke, mechanicals, master income, all royalties, even concert income and merch sales increase when lyrics are exhibited. Fans are more engaged when they know the song lyrics.” 

  The deal with LyricFind will also allow for Brazilian lyrics to be translated and available around the world. “Since the bossa nova movement, people outside Brazil who didn’t know Portuguese had little chance to really hear and understand our lyrics,” explains Luciana Pegorer, Brazil lead for LyricFind and organiser of the Trends Brasil Virtual Conference, held July 12-16, 2021. “LyricFind is working to change all that.” 

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