Sunday, May 17, 2020

Chartmetric measures TikTok trending music in new chart

By Emmanuel Legrand

Data and analytics company Chartmetric has established a new weekly TikTok Chart showing trending artists’ tracks right as they take off. The chart lets users search by velocity (how fast a track is gaining traction) and by rankings that extend deep into the leaderboard (down to the 1,000th-ranked track).

  Chartmetric said these features allow the chart "to reveal not just the same big names for weeks, but the substrate of fast breaking new artists who are winning over TikTok influencers and active users alike." That way, the charts can catch "unexpected meteoric rises" of songs right as they happen.

  “TikTok is a dynamic platform, and we wanted to capture that side of the platform more accurately. We wanted it to be easy to learn and to explore the energy and trends,” explained Chartmetric founder and CEO Sung Cho. “We’ve always cared about the dynamic nature of data.”

  He added, “So many up-and-coming artists who become super popular seem to appear quite suddenly to outsiders, but in many cases, they were not overnight successes. You can see that there’s a story, a buildup to their success. The artists on this chart didn’t come out of nowhere. All biggest stars may dominate the top of other charts, but you’ll find many artists right below, millions more. We wanted to show what’s happening for those millions more dynamically.”

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