Sunday, July 31, 2011

Writer’s block

By Emmanuel Legrand

Writer’s block is debilitating. Especially if writing is your job.
I haven’t posted any new item on my blog since May 22. There are a few reasons for that. For the past 18 months I have been putting together with CISAC the World Copyright Summit. It took place June 7-8 in Brussels. It was very successful, thank you, but it was also intensive and the amount of memos, briefs, speeches I had to write took precedence over everything else and left me with very little time.
And then came the post-event depression, and my total inability to write one single word. Sure, there were still memos, briefs and reports to write, and a pile of 15,000-word conference coverage to edit. So it was not that I wasn’t writing and that there were no topics to write about (the selling of Warner and EMI, Doug Morris at Sony, Spotify finally entering the US market, Baidu signing with labels, etc), but I could not write “for myself”. I could not find the time nor the energy, let alone the inspiration to write anything.
After a few weeks regrouping in the South of France, everything is back to normal and, as they say, service should resume soon.
Meanwhile, enjoy the summer.

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